Chartered Counselling Psychologist: Dr Charlotte Flothmann

I provide psychological therapy and specialise in supporting people facing emotional challenges. These might relate to specific life circumstances you are facing, a diagnosis you have received, or a persistent issue you find difficult to understand or shift. Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships with others, or how you relate to yourself. Maybe you find it hard to deal with work stress, constant worrying or fear and panic. You may be struggling to sleep or look after yourself, and see your sense of wellbeing and purpose impacted. You want to get to a place of greater clarity and resilience.Charlotte Flothmann August 2023 resized

I will listen to you without judgment and try to understand your experience from your perspective. I will share my observations and insights with you, and if appropriate, teach you skills to help you cope better. At all times I will work with you to find what is most effective for you, acknowledging that this will be different for everyone.

Having worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, with different experiences and concerns, I have seen time and time again the potential for people to feel better even when they believed, or were told, that they would not.

Training, qualifications & experience

As a chartered counselling psychologist, I specialise in supporting people of all ages toward better mental health. I did my doctoral training at City, University of London, and also hold degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Bristol. I am BPS accredited and HCPC registered (PYL37674) and abide by their ethical guidelines.

I currently teach psychology at doctoral level  and have trained corporations, institutions and government bodies on applying psychological theory within their workplaces. This requires me to continuously engage with latest psychology research which in turn informs my clinical practice.

I have expertise working with both symptom reduction as well as helping clients to understand why they might be feeling as they are. I recognise the importance for clients to be able to function day to day and can support them to make changes towards this goal. Many of my clients have lived with difficulties for years and find it helpful to have a safe, confidential space in which to talk with a professional, often for the first time.

Gaining greater understanding of why we feel and act how we do can give more choice as to how we wish to live our lives. To this end, my practice is informed by a wide range of approaches which I draw on flexibly to meet each client’s need and preference. I consult regularly with an expert clinical supervisor and seek specialist training to ensure I am offering best practice.

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