Counsellor and Psychotherapist: Ben Wright

I am an accredited, BACP registered counsellor and psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience and work with adults over the age of 18 and also couples. As well as in-person sessions I can also offer online therapy. I have worked in various settings, including doctors’ surgeries and a sixth form college, as well as running my own private counselling practice. I have considerable teaching and training experience and also teach meditation and mindfulness as a tool to aid inner stillness and personal growth.Ben Wright 23 February 2024

How I work
The world is extremely complex, and there are many pressures all around us; pressure to be or think a particular way, to please others, to ‘fit in’. Often we do this at the expense of who we ‘really’ are, and this often leads to symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Counselling provides a safe and confidential space to work through these things and move to living a more genuine and fulfilling life.

I work with a focus on the current needs and desires of the individual and believe that within everybody lies a unique spark that, if cultivated gently, with kindness, non judgementalism and understanding, can grow in exciting and often surprising ways.

The problem is that most of us come from the starting place of what we can’t do or be, so we never get the chance to express our higher selves. I believe that by providing a space to explore those things that feel difficult in a confidential, caring and accepting environment, it is possible to clear away the blocks that stop us from fulfilling our highest potential.

My experience consistently proves to me the power of having a space to just be yourself and I am often struck and impressed by the changes I have seen in people as the result of this process.

I tend to meet people weekly or fortnightly and work short or long term, depending on what feels appropriate. Individual sessions last for 50 minutes and Couple Counselling sessions last for 90 minutes.

The contents of each session will be unique to your needs. Sometimes we will just talk; you will have a chance to explore your ‘story’ and I will attempt to reflect this back to you to help you gain greater clarity. There may also be times when I suggest other activities to shine a light on a particular issue or problem – such as giving you a writing exercise to do, some artwork or some mindfulness meditation. However it pans out, the focus will be on your individual needs. I believe in the autonomy of the individual and my role is simply to facilitate a process where you can express yourself more freely and understand the circumstances of your life more clearly.
If you’d like to find out more about me please visit my website:

£60 for individuals; £90 for couples. I do offer discounts for students and people on low incomes, so please do ask if this applies to you.