We welcome Kaire Davidson to the Practice

Kaire DavidsonStarting in December, Kaire  will be building a solid foundation of experience as she complements her academic work and develops her client base as a student (thereby offering reduced rates).

Kaire’s early background is in media. A long time ago she was a fashion writer and later on she started using her skills in the charity sector. She’s deeply curious about what makes us who we are, and how we evolve and grow. As well as psychotherapy, Kaire’s involved in both teaching and practising yoga (see http://yogawithkaire.com/) and will, one day, work with people in different ways on a full-time basis. She loves the outdoors – walking, running, snowboarding and cycling. She believes that there is a better, fuller way of living for all of us, which is healthier, more mindful and more environmentally aware. This way of living involves fewer material wants and emphasizes more time for valuable relationships and the community.