Drama and Internal Family Systems Psychotherapist: Rose Sadowski

At some point in life we all need some extra support. A non-judgemental space to feel seen and heard in our experience. Someone to walk alongside us on our journey who is separate from our everyday lives, offering professional guidance & reflection.

As a therapist, I aim to offer this in a way that feels congruent and helpful for you. I offer a space for you to process and understand your experience safely. When the world around us can often feel confusing and turbulent, the combination of psychotherapy and creativity can offer containment, insight and the potential for positive change.

Sometimes words are not enough. Drama Psychotherapy offers a chance to explore and express what words cannot, using all modes of creativity, and psychodynamic processes.

Internal Family Systems explores our inner world, and compassionately welcomes all parts of our experience.

It is a form of psychotherapy that supports exploration of our internal worlds, and focuses on a client’s internal “parts” and “Self.” The IFS model considers that we are all naturally made up of many ‘parts’ or sub-personalities, which have developed for us over time to serve us in different ways. These sub-personalities take on different roles, such as an inner critic or inner child, and consist of wounded parts and painful feelings. It is a deeply compassionate model of therapy, with the philosophy that there are no bad parts: All parts are welcome. In IFS my aim is to help clients access and strengthen their sense of Self, so that they can heal wounded parts and bring their emotional systems into balance and harmony.

I am also trained in MANTRA, a NICE guideline treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in adults.

I have extensive experience working with eating disorders, trauma, mental illness & life challenges.

It can feel daunting making initial contact with a potential therapist. But it is a vital first step to receiving help. I am warm & empathic, so please do not hesitate to get in touch when you feel ready. I also offer a free consultation session, for us to meet and for you to consider if I am the right therapist for you.


Email: sadowskirose@hotmail.com

Mobile: 07968958928