Integrative Counsellor: Martin Head

Martin Head May 2016Acknowledging that we are in need of counsellor can be quite a step, particularly as many of us value our ability to work things out for ourselves. Close friends, partners and family can be so helpful but sometimes even they cannot give us what we really need.

It may be separation or loss that has brought us to this point. Perhaps you are suffering from depression, anxiety or some kind of addictive behaviour or it could be more a vague sense of dissatisfaction and a desire for a greater sense of meaning that is the source of your discomfort. Whatever the issue, counselling with a skilled therapist can guide you through periods of difficulty and change towards a deeper understanding of yourself.

My style is Integrative, drawing on most traditions and focussing particularly on modern Jungian approaches and Psychosynthesis (which attempts to reconcile different aspects of our personalities). It’s also soulful which means seeing painful experiences, difficulties and suffering not just as things to get over but also as significant in forming character, wisdom and self-acceptance. It’s paradoxical but in order to really change we need to fully accept ourselves as we are.

My approach is also informed by mindfulness meditation which I have been practising for nearly 20 years and I have led retreats and workshops since 2006. I work with adults of all ages and backgrounds and value and respect difference and diversity.


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